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Property Network Partnership


The Property Network Partnership (PNP) is a global organisation that aims to establish strong connections among all individuals and organizations in the real estate industry around the world to support & strengthen the local, regional and global markets. It is an integrated platform that gives its members the exceptional ability to network and collaborate globally while having access to added huge benefits.

It is the only worldwide real estate platform that serves numerous roles in the industry, providing the opportunity to grow globally, expand professional network, and increase business opportunities. It also serves as a reliable source of information about the latest news, auctions, upcoming projects in the industry, marketing trends, and industry reports. PNP also recognizes the world’s most successful real estate projects, best developers, top real estate agencies and leading professionals in the industry.



Connect and Network

Meet and connect with other PNP members to expand your network.Find profiles of other members, send messages, create groups and access forums.

Access Information

Check the latest news, events, auctions, industry reports, researches, etc. Get updated with what’s happening in the industry worldwide.

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