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The Property Network Partnership is a worldwide association that facilitates the communication of all active members in the industry, including top real estate developers and investors from all over the world. The first of its kind in the globe, it serves multiple roles for the real estate industry to support and strengthen the local, regional and global markets.

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The Property Network Partnership (PNP) Awards is a prestigious international award-giving body, honors the most successful real estate projects, best developers, top real estate agencies and leading professionals in the industry. Get recognized for your world class realty achievements and gain the global recognition you deserve.

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Being a PNP partner has given me and my organisation immense benefits in every aspect. I can actively network and collaborate with fellow members through one interactive channel. I also have the privilege to participate in physical exhibitions at discounted rates. PNP also helps boost our brand’s presence on social media and they even develop specific marketing campaigns that we can utilise. What makes it different from all the other real estate organisations is that it’s the only worldwide real estate platform that serves numerous roles in the industry. It’s a reliable source of real estate information, makes us updated about the latest and upcoming projects, provides us opportunities to grow globally, expand one’s professional network, and boost business growth.

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