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Invest In Dubai Real Estate Launches New Offices For American Investors

Invest in Dubai Real Estate will host complementary webinars, activities and knowledge sessions for American investors interested in investing in Dubai. The offices will also support and facilitate real estate investments towards Dubai.

Invest in Dubai Real Estate, a major initiative of the Dubai Land Department, in partnership with the International Property Show, launched two new offices in the USA. The offices are located in Orlando, Florida and New Jersey, New York. The offices will cater to North and South American clients, facilitating investments towards real estate in Dubai.

Through this initiative, Invest in Dubai Real Estate will bring in real estate investments to Dubai once again, creating bigger opportunities for both realtors in the UAE and American Investors. Invest in Dubai Real Estate will return once again, at the Dubai Exhibition Centre from 24th to 26th March, 2022. The next edition of Invest in Dubai Real Estate will bring together participants from different fields to develop innovative solutions to particular challenges in their respective sectors in order to help uplift the real estate industry.

Invest in Dubai Real Estate’s new offices in the USA will allow American investors, clients and audiences to collaborate and learn new investment trends, as well as learn more about investing in Dubai real estate. The new offices will play a significant role to better inform investors and clients about Dubai’s investment climate, as well as how to make wise investment decisions, in order to make the most out of their investments.

Dubai continues to attract foreign investors with its wealth of growth opportunities across many industries. Dubai is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the Middle East, attracting investors, expatriates, and tourists from all over the world. Among the many reasons for this are its economic, political, and social stability, safety and security, attractive options for residents, well-developed education and healthcare infrastructures, and a large number of other factors.

Mr. Dawood Al Shezawi, President of Invest in Dubai Real Estate said: “I am proud to inaugurate our new Invest in Dubai Real Estate Offices in the USA, because it is a positive initiative for Dubai’s future. Since the start of 2021, we were able to create significant milestones in the real estate industry by bringing in real estate investments which benefited Dubai, as well as investors. Our new offices in the USA will facilitate real estate investments by providing knowledge and support, as well as resources to American investors interested in Dubai real estate.

Due to the high rental yields, Dubai is a preferred property investment destination for international investors. In the first quarter of 2021, real estate transactions grew by 44 percent year over year in the emirate. The Dubai Expo 2020 is projected to provide tremendous value to the real estate market this year.

Real estate is one of the major contributors in the economy and governments must support the real estate market especially during challenging times. Invest in Dubai Real Estate remains committed to generate vast business opportunities for the Dubai real estate market and to strengthen the emirate’s leading position as an investor-friendly city.  New initiatives of the government including the provision of visas for expatriate retirees as well as the expansion of the 10-year golden visa scheme to draw foreigners to reside in the UAE are anticipated to support the real estate market this year.

Also, with a successful vaccine run gradually resolving the current health crisis, the economy of Dubai is expected to further stabilize, in addition to the Dubai Expo 2020 and the UAE’s 50th anniversary.

About Invest in Dubai Real Estate (IIDRE):

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