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Expo 2020 provides new real estate partnership between Dubai and Malaysia

Multinational enterprise IBN is one of the leading real estate developers with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Intending to find new Investors for their local projects in Southeast Asia, Dubai overpowered the Possibilities for new business.

On their side as a local specialist are Dr. OssamaAlasmar with his Partners Angelika Egoschin (third from left)and Lilli Pfannenstiel (second from left) – better known as the Real Estate Blondies

Besides commercial and residential Developments, IBN established Internationally benchmarked Healthcare Facilities and enrolment into world-renowned Colleges and Universities. The focus in Dubai is on innovation projects and looking out for joint Venturepartnerships. For these plans, RB Homes will be by their side as local Partners in Dubai.

The former Neurosurgeon Dr. Alasmarowns multiple startups with RB Homes being one of them. This fast-growing company offers Off-Plan developmentsup to access to exclusive projects all over Dubai

As Representatives of the biggest Developers of Malaysia, both, RB Homes and IBN are looking forward to close cooperation. 


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